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​Saeed​ jumoh is an Emirati artist interested in photography, graphic design and film making. he holds a diploma in information Technology from the community college at the university of Sharjah.


he is a Chairman of Emirates Photography Society & General Secretariat of Union of Arab Photographers and member of a number of societies concerned with the arts of photography, theater and cinema inside and outside the UAE. these societies include the Emirates fine arts society, Dibba al hisn society for culture, arts, and theatre.


in his works, jumoh focuses on the local environment with all its elements. this appears in his photographs that show the emirate natural environment, including sea, desert and nature reserves. he handled this environment in a distinguished artistic style highlighting the beautiful of sand dunes in the UAE desert during the various seasons of the year. moreover, he portrayed heritage and local traditional hand crafts and sports, such as fishing, fishing net making, and falconry. also present in jumoh’s works whether in the form of ‘portrait’ or during his daily activities, especially the traditional ones. we can sea in his works fisherman throwing their nets into the sea, and others making nets and boats, etc. this stresses the presence of the emirate citizen and his outstanding communication with the natural environment, from which he derives the sources of livelihood and human values.




"Shadows in light and shade seeing all things common or obscure

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